Project leadership with market and application focus, guiding the multidisciplinary team.

Digiome is one of the main internal projects at IMEC (Invest+ level) that envisions the development of a solid-state nanopore platform for omics applications. In my role as the business lead of Digiome, I have served as the project leader with a focus on market and applications, bringing market insights into the project, guiding the multidisciplinary technical team toward market specifications, and developing strategic partnerships for the application's MVP.

As a part of IMEC's Portfolio Office, I have been identifying potential routes for valorization and key value inflection points for this groundbreaking technology. This is based on an in-depth strategic analysis of potential business models, intensive market intelligence through VOC (Voice of the Customer) research, and ROI projections.

Working alongside the technical lead and operational lead of Digiome, I provided regular 6-week reports to the IMEC board.

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"I was very lucky to work with Katrien over the last year as she supported our initiatives in the area of proteomics with nanopore technologies. She led our market intelligence efforts and helped us shape our R&D program to address the most relevant market needs. She was also instrumental in helping us establish business partnerships with key industry players and academic opinion leaders. Katrien is insightful and analytical and her ability to critically weigh internal assumptions vs market feedback is a tremendous asset."

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