Creating company value with the founders by developing sustainable business models for long term partnerships.

myNEO has developed a unique platform that allows designing neoantigen-driven therapies for cancer patients using digital tumor fingerprints from a small piece of tumor and healthy blood. I was asked to setup the business models for the different offerings and market segments myNEO is active in and to give support in important negotiations in the personalized therapy market as well as in off the shelf cancer vaccine market.

Katrien worked with us for 8 months during 2021-2022, and helped myNEO across various fields in business development. She was a driving force to add more structure to our ongoing BD activities, both initiating recurrent meetings and setting up proper responsibility flows within the existing team throughout the process.

Katrien helped us to stratify different prospects into commercial categories, and choose a clear focus for long-term value generation. Lastly, she was heavily involved in setting-up and negotiating the terms of multiple large commercial license agreements on the myNEO technology with biotechnology partners.

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