Taking the leap towards OHMX.bio version 2.0 together by inspiring the team and by levering the business strategy.

OHMX.bio is offering multi-omics research services on demand, with a personalized project approach, using emerging multi-omics technologies (genomics – epigenomics – transcriptomics – translatomics – proteomics – microbiomics) and a unique integration of a wet lab and a high standard bioinformatics dry lab. 

I provided the exclusive in-licensing of Epify's IP developed with Maastricht University. I worked out a strategy for the companion diagnostics department, aligned marketing communications accordingly, and initiated conversations with potential customers.

"Katrien worked as BD for our OHMX.bio CDx department and was instrumental in performing a market study around usage of epigenetic CDx biomarkers and working out the in-licensing of Epify's IP portfolio. Streamlining our BD/Sales activities, initiating customer communication, working out project agreements within this new department allowed further growth. Next to her extensive BD/Sales expertise, her vast scientific knowledge, Katrien is above all a very pleasant and trustworthy person to work with!"

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