Hunting for and closing deals with several early adopters of intelligent PCR-software to convince investors.

UgenTec develops intelligent PCR software, was recently acquired by Summa Equity and is now Velsera. When I came on board in 2015, UgenTec was working with seed funding. To attract investors for Series A funding, they needed a proof of concept. I hunted for and closed deals with several early adopters who convinced investors with and without life science experience to get in. UgenTec became a success story and has been successfully acquired by Velsera.

Katrien joined UgenTec from its early beginnings. Her experience in international sales and marketing, her network and diagnostic/biotech market knowledge are key to our company. She offers valuable market feedback for product development and business planning, which contributes greatly to the growth of UgenTec.

It is also a pleasure to work with Katrien. Her flexible and no nonsense approach plus combination of academic and business experience are just what a young company such as UgenTec needs.

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