Paving the path towards a spin-off by pointing the market potential and bringing in early adopter interest.

Prof. Geert Baggerman (Sr. Researcher VITO Health and Head of the Center for Proteomics of University Antwerp) and his expert team have built an important expertise in mass spectrometry-based peptide analysis. They have been using their unique peptidomics expertise to setup a ‘state of the art’ MS-based immuno-peptidomics platform to serve the biotech and biopharma industry in supporting their immunotherapy development.

I was asked to screen the interest for a MS-based immuno-peptidomics service platform in the immunotherapy and adoptive cell therapy market by interviewing relevant SME and large biotechs in Europe. I made an estimation of the business potential and setup pricing & potential business models. I also mapped the competitive landscape of service providers and the IP landscape, and I calculated the financial needs to raise a professional service platform.

Recently the spin-off ImmuneSpec has been setup.

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