Yesse Technologies

Creating a founded story to attract early investment by pointing the sweet spot in the market and its business potential.

Yesse Technologies is building a technology platform that allows scent to be digitized. One of their challenges was the identification of potential medical applications of the platform. When I started working there, the company was in a venture timebox process and asked the lead investor to tap into other markets. I helped develop the strategy and then took care of the market valorization.

From the first meeting with Katrien her professional attitude, dedication and eagerness were clear. Years later, we found the perfect task to get her hands on; Katrien was sent out in the field on a primary market research exercise to interview key opinion leaders about a new and rather unconventional approach to detect diseases.

She approached this challenge with a healthy combination of enthusiasm and structure. Katrien leverages her curiosity and her extensive network to identify the right contacts and does not get discouraged by additional requests and continuous feedback.

By consolidating our input, her field work and a thorough literature search, Katrien concluded this exercise within time, budget and expectations.

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